SNC Lavalin


“Kentz grew from $600m USD to $3B USD during the global financial crisis. MCC delivered the strategy and scorecard to drive that global growth against all odds. Kentz was purchased in 2013 by SNC Lavalin.

The outcome from Mel’s work with Kentz is that we can now describe the complexity of our global business across multiple industries in just one page. The benefit to Kentz is that we can now align our time and effort across the world to ensure that it supports our vision and strategy.

Mel delivered this project in record time in the challenge of the current world economic crisis. That this project was delivered within the timeframe is a testament to Mel’s special ability to engage people at all levels in the business. The executive team in particular have appreciated his strategic insights and view him as a trusted advisor. I look forward to building a long-term relationship with Mel as we establish Kentz as the global service provider of choice.”

Dr Hugh O’Donnell

CEO Kentz Corporation Limited