Transforming Individuals

We help leaders transform and perform through MCC’s EVOLVE Transformational Coaching Methodology

EVOLVE Transformational Coaching is designed to help leaders cope with and lead through uncertainty.

The EVOLVE Transformational Coaching Process has 4 Phases
  1. RESET TO ZERO – Using quantitative data to help leaders reset and centre themselves. 
  2. ASPIRATION – Helping leaders to articulate what they really want. 
  3. RITUAL – Practising techniques daily to match action with aspirations. 
  4. HABIT – Embedding rituals that become habits to transform the way leaders live and work 
Who has benefited from the EVOLVE Coaching Program? 
  • 1000 senior leaders including 25 CEOs in 12 countries 
  • 55,000 front line workers in 30 countries  
  • 500 Safety Leaders 
  • 300 internal change agents  
What is involved in EVOLVE Coaching?
  • The EVOLVE LEADERSHIP Coaching is built around 6 individual sessions over 6 months focused on creating sustainable high-performance habits. 
  • The EVOLVE LEADERSHIP TEAM Coaching has a combination of individual and team sessions built around resolving a key organisational issue. 
  • The EVOLVE INTERNAL CONSULTANT & SAFETY LEADER Coaching is built around successfully delivering a key change initiative in an organisation. 
What quantitative data do we use in Evolve Coaching? 
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Decision Making Styles Survey
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness Surveys

If you want to learn how to transform and perform under pressure…