Case Study

Public Sector Reform Case Studies

MCC worked with over 20 CEOs of central and line agencies on a range of key strategic projects.


These projects required transformational change in areas as diverse as shared services, strategic policy formulation, urban renewal, transport infrastructure, indigenous community negotiations, public private partnerships, corporatisation, transparency, cultural diversity, regionalisation, centralisation, downsizing, financial and human resource policy and system reform.


In each case MCC worked with the executive team to ensure that they had an agreed clear strategy that could be articulated easily with stories or metaphors. MCC then assisted the executives to build change capability to drive change and engage staff in the strategic agenda. On many occasions this involved senior executives receiving 360 degree feedback to become aware of their impact as leaders.

MCC also analysed the corporate culture to identify the inhibitors and accelerants to support the strategy. Finally, MCC worked closely with the internal process owners to ensure that there was a balanced scorecard to ensure that key internal systems were delivering the strategy.


The agencies that MCC worked with have won numerous awards including Public Sector Awards for innovation, project management and strategy execution. These agencies also received external accolades including national internal marketing awards, a global award for best Public Private Partnership and the International Institute of Management award for Leadership Development.


“Mel Cowan has a particular gift for cutting to the heart of issues, especially related to corporate cultures, while encouraging contribution and inclusiveness. Over 10 of our CEOs and their 150,000 staff have benefited from Mel’s insight, advice and processes over the last 15 years.”

Dr Leo Kelleher AO

Director-General, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Queensland