Case Study


Fujitsu Consulting was targeting large technology contracts to deliver growth. MCC worked with their leaders to build a scorecard that successfully secured and delivered those large contracts.


Fujitsu was growing rapidly and had consolidated all its key service offerings including consulting under the Fujitsu brand. This provided opportunities to leverage off the strengths of the different divisions and present a stronger core value proposition to customers.
The scale of the projects that Fujitsu was competing for grew dramatically from a few hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions.


The Balanced Scorecard was used as a means of building alignment to corporate goals and ensuring that each group could focus on their contribution. A range of interventions were completed with the executive group to build individual capability and more effective cross functional coordination and communication. A series of specific communication strategies were used to engage all staff in the broader vision and the reporting and analysis of group performance.            


Fujitsu was successful in winning large scale integrated solutions projects. This was the first time in that market location. 


“We are still using the frameworks and tools that we built with Mel three years ago. They have significantly assisted us in transforming into a more strategic business with significantly more revenue for less effort. We use those processes to keep us focused on what really matters.”

David Sparksman

General Manager, Fujitsu