Case Study

Department of Corrective Services Queensland

MCC facilitated the development of a new business model with the 60 most senior managers in CSQ.


The level and cost of incarcerating offenders in Queensland had skyrocketed. Prison numbers had increased dramatically due to a strong focus on mandatory sentencing and minimising community service orders. The reality was that 70% of offenders were in jail for sentences of less than 12 months e.g. non-payment of fines.

The potential cost to taxpayers of this level of incarceration was not sustainable and the Government set Corrective Services Queensland (CSQ) the challenge of delivering a new business model that would maintain community confidence whilst reducing the number and cost of incarcerations.


MCC facilitated the development of a new business model with the 60 most senior managers in CSQ. The model was designed to deliver more effective community corrections and prevention to reduce spiralling incarceration costs. The business model had to build consensus with a diverse group of stakeholders who had a history of significant conflict over Corrective Services policy. These stakeholders included the community, judiciary, politicians, prison reform activists, unions and police as well as front line staff. MCC also designed and implemented the change management program to support the implementation of the new business model.


CSQ moved from being a follower to a leader in Corrective Services policy nationally. The key stakeholders of police, judiciary, prison staff, community corrections officers and staff all agreed to and signed off on the new business model. CSQ had a clear business model that would save the Government billions of dollars.


“Mel has particular talents and skills in assisting organisations to improve their organisational culture. In the agencies that I have been the CEO of, he has been a key person in assisting in driving organisational reform and improving management and leadership competencies across the senior levels of the organisations. He exhibits outstanding interpersonal communication skills. Senior managers respond and relate to him very well. He is an exceptionally gifted facilitator and has the ability to relate to and inspire a diverse range of staff regardless of their seniority in the organisation.”

Frank Rockett

Director – General, Department of Corrective Services